Manufacturing Vision (MV)

An Enterprise Resource Planning package that includes Custom Quotations / Estimating, Order Entry and Invoicing, Inventory Management (Raw Materials and Finished Goods), Purchasing, Production Control and Costing, , A/P, A/R, and G/L. This program is an integrated solution for Discrete Manufacturers, Job Shop and Made to Order Manufacturers or Process Manufacturers.  

  • Designed specifically for discrete, process or job shop/made to order manufacturer
  • Product Structures for Discrete Manufacturers
  • Unique Bill of Materials and Routings for Job Shop and Made to Order Manufacturers
  • Formulas for Batch processing
  • MSDS integration for Hazardous Ingredients
  • Consignment Inventory processing
  • Simple, practical MRP II closed loop manufacturing management software
  • A short, easy, affordable implementation (MV's average direct cost to implement is of its cost to license!) Ask for details.

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Updated: October 2011