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RGM Software was founded in 1980 by it’s owner and President, Glenn Mills. RGM Software’s purpose was, and still is today, to provide quality software solutions for Business Applications. In 1985 RGM Software became an IBM Business Partner while developing solutions for IBM Mid-Range Systems – S/34, S/36, S/38, AS/400 and iSeries. In 1990 we began re-developing our software solutions for Windows based installations. We use a high end development environment for Client / Server and now Browser based installations using an SQL database.


RGM Software has gained an excellent reputation for quality and Customer satisfaction. We specialize in installations where there are unique requirements such as Job Shop Manufacturing, the Chemical Industry and Printing. We have also completed special projects in the Banking Industry, Insurance Companies, Retail and Distribution. Our Customers can be found all across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.


Please contact us if you have special needs. We can help.

Telephone: Call Toll Free 1-877-466-7644

In Toronto, Ontario Canada call 416-447-0554



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Updated: October 2011